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Since the launch of the comprehensive album Parfum 2000, the Hungarian press considers me the "perfume expert". Thanks to them a continuous media presence enables me to present my activities in the development of Hungarian fragrance culture.

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  • December 17. Meglepetés Magazine, portrait
  • December 5. Roxy Rádió, Roxy Csirkék live radio interview
  • December – The Parfum, supervision of the Hungarian movie subtitles, SPI Hungary
  • November 17. Roxy Rádió, Roxy Csirkék radio interview on winter perfumes
  • November - Napi Ász Magazine, interview on business aspects of perfumery industry
  • November 7. Juventus Rádió, Juventus Reggel, radio interview on winter perfumes
  • November 3. Grand Marnier Versailles Spirit limited edition PR launch, olfactive animation on fragrant notes of the liqueur
  • September 7. Origo, online interview on feromons
  • Fall - Procter & Gamble Camay Delicat launch PR campaign, interviews, consultant
  • August 30. Vitál TV Örömpörkölt, live tv-interview
  • August 27. MTV1, report on the Senteurs d’autrefois exhibition in Paris
  • August 10. MTV1 Kultúrház-Sziget, live tv-interview
  • July 25. Beauty-The big illusion, exhibition on Grand dames of the cosmetics and perfumery industry of Eastern-European origin: Helena Rubinstein, Estée Lauder and Judith Müller, olfactive presentation at the opening ceremony, Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives, Budapest
  • June 21. ‚Senteurs d’autrefois‘ exhibition, History of the Hungarian perfumery industry 1900-1950, idea, curator, event organiser, perfume presentation, Hungarian Cultural Institute Paris
  • June 12. The world of Beauty, beauty expert of the shooting in France, interview: Frei Dosszié, TV2

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